Virtual Skin Consultations

Receive personalized skin coaching from a licensed Esthetician from the comfort of your home.

Your 45 minute consultation will consist of 


1. Discussing your skin concerns and your skin health goals

Your Esthetician will review your skin intake form that you submitted prior to your virtual appointment and ask you a series of questions to help determine your skin type and proper course of actions 

2. Discussing your current home skincare routine 

Make sure to have your current home skincare products ready for your virtual appointment.

3. What your Esthetician sees in your skin

Make sure that you have proper lighting for your appointment so that your Esthetcian can assess your skin during that time.  You will also be asked to send a series of pictures of your skin ahead of your appointment for your Esthetician to study.

4. Establishing a new personalized skincare routine and professional products

Your Esthetician will determine, based on your intake form, photos and conversation; the proper course of action for your skin as well as your recommend skin products.  


5. Schedule your follow up appointments

This can be in office or an virtual appointment


6. Your new products will be delivered right to your door

Latino student saying hello at the webca