What's in a Renewed Spirit Facial?

Have you been wanting to schedule a facial but not sure what would be included in the service? We understand the thought of receiving a first-time service can be intimidating so, we’ve broken the steps down here.

All facials at Renewed Spirit Day Spa are customized to address the specific needs and concerns of the individual receiving the service. Facials are offered in 30, 60, or 75-minute sessions The longer the session the more time there will be to address specific needs and concerns.

Each session begins with a skin consultation. It is important to know the concerns, healthy history, and current skin regimen in order to create a treatment plan completely unique to each guest. Next, our guests choose an aromatherapy scent to help promote deep relaxation during the service. The first step of the facial service is a double cleanse of the skin and skin analysis to help determine the condition of the skin and which products to use during the service. Next, is the exfoliation process using an enzyme that has been expertly chosen to address the specific concerns and skin type of the guest. Enzymes are chemical exfoliants that help to dissolve the dead layer of skin cells. Depending on the skin type, steam may also be applied during this process. During the exfoliation process, a relaxing hand massage will be performed. The mask is removed with warm towels.

The next step may vary from guest to guest depending on the skin needs. Here extractions and LED light therapy may be applied or cupping, gua sha, or massage. This step is determined by the individual needs of the guests. The next step in the facial is the treatment mask. This mask is also expertly chosen depending on skin type and concern. This mask may be hydrating, calming, oil-absorbing, or acne clearing. The mask is applied for up to 10 mins and a relaxing scalp or foot massage is given during this process. The treatment mask is then removed with warm towels and the treatment products are applied. This includes toner, serums, eye cream, moisturizer, and SPF.

A hot towel around the neck and shoulders is applied to signal the end of the facial service.