At Renewed Spirit Day Spa, the safety of our guests and our staff is our number one priority.   Here are our current policies and procedures to provide you with a safe and relaxing experience.  

We already followed strict cleaning and disinfecting protocols regulated by local agencies before the effects of COVID-19, but now we've adopted extra safety precautions and placed even greater emphasis on deep cleaning. Here are a few new things that you can expect for your visit.


Upon arrival, you can find our new sanitation station located just outside of the front door so you can exchange your outside shoes for spa slippers, sanitize your hands and slip on a mask if you do not have your own before you enter the spa space.


Dane county now mandates the use of masks so, in accordance with the Dane County Health Department, we are required to ask all those who are able to wear masks to do so. If you don't wear a mask, we will assume you are unable to do so. We will continue to provide masks upon entry to anyone who needs one.


Our staff washes their hands thoroughly before and after contact with every client, this isn't something new we just wanted to let you know we will still be practicing this safety measure.


Our Spa uses an EPA-registered disinfectant on tools, containers, and all surfaces that you may come in contact with during your visit.

We've place medical-grade HEPA air purifiers in each treatment room and the lobby to remove particles from the air.  


We ask that you please stay home if you are feeling sick, have a temperature of 100ºf or higher, you have been around anyone who is sick or tested positive for COVID-19, you have traveled, you have uncontrolled coughing or sneezing. The same goes for our staff. We will be happy to schedule another appointment as soon as you are feeling better. 

We look forward to your visit