Advanced Skin Treatments

Corrective Skin Peel

Method of resurfacing the uppermost layers of the skin to improve its appearance by applying an acid solution to the skin.  Improves texture, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, reduces surface pigmentation, refines acne scarring, clears congested and clogged pores, and improves acne conditions.

What to expect

The skin is cleansed and prepped and a layer of acid solution is applied to the skin.  The acids react to produce a controlled wound.  A tingling, burning. or hot sensation is normal.  The solution will be removed after a few minutes.  

After the peel, you can expect the skin to be pink, red, shiny, and tight feeling.  For maximum results, a series of peels is usually recommended and may be necessary for treating challenging issues such as hyperpigmentation. 


This treatment can be added as a boost to a facial.



Dermaplaning is an exfoliating treatment that uses a sterile blade to gently scrape off the uppermost layer of the skin. It also removes the vellus hair on the face, leaving you with a smoother and brighter complexion. 

After the treatment, you may experience some dryness or even some peeling.  

This treatment can be paired with a Facial or Corrective Peel.

Click here for a list of contraindications


Hydrodermabrasion Treatments 

An exfoliating treatment that, using a diamond tip wand and peeling serums, smoothes and plumps, softens and hydrates, nourishes and refine pores,

detoxifies and deeply cleanse the skin,

decreases hyperpigmentation and sunspots, and

promotes the production of collagen and elasticity in the skin.

This treatment is great when paired with a facial service.

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LED Light Therapy

LED (light-emitting diodes) utilized wavelengths of light to trigger a natural healing response in human tissue. Research shows that LED light increases circulation kills acne bacteria, decreases inflammation, improves skin tone and texture, improves skin textures, and boosts collagen.

Express treatment- $75

Add to any facial treatment- $35


An advanced skin treatment that helps to lift, tighten, and firm the skin.  It aids in the building of collagen,  reduces fine lines and wrinkles, can help diminish sun spots and acne scarring, and helps minimize pore size.

This treatment can be performed every 4-6 weeks and is great on all skin types.  

This treatment works by utilizing a set of micro-needles to inflict multiple, tiny, punctures to the outermost layer of the skin creating a wound response to induce the healing process including new collagen production.  

After the treatment redness, swelling, dryness, and tightness in the skin are normal and will subside after a few hours.  Following the recommended homecare provided by your esthetician is essential for an optimal outcome.  Avoiding sun exposure after the treatment is a must for several weeks due to skin sensitivity.  

A Consultation must be scheduled prior to this treatment to discuss whether microneedling is right for you.  

Click Here for a list of contraindications 

Nano-Infusion Facial


This advanced treatment is a non-invasive alternative to micro-needling that shares a lot of similarities but involves no needles.  Instead, it uses tiny round tip silicone pyramids that vibrate against the skin, creating micro-channels instead of micro incisions.  This treatment creates an immediate plumping of the skin, reduces fine lines and signs of aging, and it allows for greater production absorption by creating microscopic permeations in the skin. This treatment is perfect for anyone who wants a corrective treatment with no downtime.  

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Pricing and Packages

Express Advanced Exfoliation Treatment

45 minutes

Stand-alone treatment that includes cleanse and exfoliation process

$90- Corrective Peel, Dermaplane, and Microdermabrasion

$115- Hydrodermabrasion

Advanced Exfoliation Facial

75 minutes

Facial that includes an advanced exfoliation treatment

$140- Corrective Peel, Dermaplane, and Microdermabrasion

$165- Hydrodermabrasion

 LED treatment

45 minutes


Add to any facial treatment- $35

Express Microneedling Treatment- $175

Microneedling Facial- $265

Express Nano-Infusion Treatment- $125

Nano-Infusion Facial- $230

Series Package

3 series- 5% off

6 Series- 10% off

12 Series- 15% off

Prepay for a series of services to receive a discount.

Can be used by one named person only.

The promotional price expires 12 months from the purchase date.  Cannot be combined with other discounts and promotions.